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India and US are very aggressively promoting ‘Not to Smoke’ because we all know that smoking is a huge factor for cancer, especially lung cancer. While due to secondary smoking which means that people around us also indirectly smoke or inhale smoke (especially the family members), we can hurt them also.

I would love us to stop smoking. Most important reason is – not only it promotes your health, but you become a good role model for your family and friends and children around you. Healthy lungs are very important for our stamina. If we keep smoking, we may start losing our lung capacity and then even if we are 40 years old, we may feel like 60 years old.

The reason is our lungs are not able to quickly deliver the oxygen we need. Within 2 years of quitting smoking, we start seeing the health benefits and start adding years to our life.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that when we do not smoke or quit smoking for several years, it can add 15 years to the life of our heart and lungs; it can add 15 years to the life of our marriage and family life.

Besides lung cancer, smoking is a huge risk factor for heart attack and tons of other health issues that are unbelievable, but one of the most important reason if smoking continues or to stop smoking will be heart attack.

The doctors in United States and the Government are so obsessed with the public to stop smoking that it has almost become illegal for anyone to smoke in US, and it feels like the whole world is moving towards getting cigarettes by a medical prescription from doctors.

We don’t worry about smoking just like as we don’t worry about drinking Coca-Cola, but unfortunately, smoking has such a dramatic effect on heart that it cuts down the blood supply of heart. It puts a huge risk of heart attack. If our heart is already compromised, it pushes us over to the edge. Of course, we cannot deny that smoking is also a risk factor for lung cancer, and it can also cause tons of other health issues.

Today, some film actors and actresses like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan smoke; they are role models for our younger generation. The important thing for our younger generation is to understand that they are all trying hard to quit smoking. Risks of smoking are sinking into everyone – Rich or Poor.

Can E-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

They cannot, and all the studies are now coming out. They are becoming more and more dangerous because of some impurities. Due to these impurities in E-cigarettes, people are suddenly showing-up in emergency rooms with lung damage and dying.

There have been more than 100 deaths in just last few months by E-cigarettes/vaping.

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