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My 80:20 Rule of Life, Rule of Health & Rule of Happiness

My 80:20 Rule of Life, Rule of Health & Rule of Happiness

If we want to maximize our lifespan, we have to follow every rule and try to actually deal with every situation and avoid every high risk behavior. Then our life should actually be 120 years. There are so many people who have lived beyond 100 years. I have shaken hands with at least 3 or 4 in USA during my practice.
My 80:20 rule of good health and rule of being happy:
Our lifespan actually is 120 years and 80% of 120 years is 96 years. Based on 80:20 rule: with not so perfect surroundings/situations and with today’s advancements we can easily achieve 80% of lifespan (for middle class families in India) and 80% of 120 years id 96 years.
So, please do the math.
We can easily get to 85 years which is 67% of our lifespan!
In a way, what I want to say is that we can easily live up to 85 years if we follow some fundamental rules.
Rules are not very hard. They are fairly commonsense rules. It is very obvious to me that middle class society is very preoccupied with catching up with the rest of the world, but when it comes to long life and good health let we professionals write these common sense rules. And, our Add15Years books are a step in that direction.
You as a community examine these rules and if you think these rules make any sense then please do everything to adopt these rules. These rules will promote/extend our life span and more importantly, we can have a healthy and independent lifestyle till the very last year of our life.
Again, based on the 80:20 rule, we can tell you that there is no definition of perfect health. So, as long as we professionals can assure you with fair certainty that if you are 80% healthy, it means you are in a very good health.
Can we stop medical progress?Can we stop change in medical profession?Can we stop steps changing towards new medical technologies and new medicines which actually makes our life better and smarter?
Again, answer is simple. We cannot! I don’t think anybody in India would want to give up their cells phones or air conditioned rooms or air conditioned cars. So,  the only answer is that we accept and adapt to the change and we change with the change.
My obligation is your health. So, let me make your life easier. Let me help to write about, educate and adapt to these rules. 

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