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All You Need to Know About Malaria

All You Need to Know About Malaria

Most of us do know that USA eliminated malaria in 1950. While the same year, in 1950, about 20% of the Indian population was infected with malaria. We do need to know the basic facts about malaria.

“Does anybody know that malaria is the number one killer in the history of mankind killing up to 50 billion people till now? In other words, 5000 crore people have died because of malaria.”

When we went to medical school in 1980s, most of the malaria was caused by Plasmodium Vivax or Plasmodium Ovale. But now malaria is mostly caused by Plasmodium Falciparum which is actually very dangerous.

Back in our time in 1980s, Plasmodium Falciparum was only in Africa and obviously it has started coming to India now. While practicing for last several years in India, I have come to a conclusion that most of the fevers are mainly caused by 4 conditions either by flu, or by dengue, or typhoid, or malaria.

In malaria, we mostly have chills and shivering. The fever spikes every second or third day. But what we have to understand is that plasmodium falciparum can really be fatal unlike other plasmodium or malarial parasites back in 1980s and 1990s. So, we have to take it very seriously.

I am sure everybody knows that malaria is transmitted by the mosquito and that too only very specific mosquito which is a female Anopheles mosquito. It needs human blood, or it needs blood for the maturation of its eggs.

We have written two books for the people who travel from advanced countries – where there is no malaria, to India or Africa – where they really need to take precautions for not getting malaria. And, how to do that, is mentioned in our books on Malaria.

  • Book 1: Add 15 Years | Why Do We Need to Know About Malaria?
  • Book 2: Add 15 Years | Are You Travelling to High Risk Places of Malaria?

In less than 10 minutes, these books give you the basic medical facts about malaria and malaria bug.

Now, we live in advanced countries or developed countries which have very excellent public healthcare like US, Germany, France, England, etc. Like mentioned above, USA eliminated malaria in 1950s whereas malaria is very prevalent in countries like Africa and India. They still have a long way to go.

In this globalized environment now, we travel right and left to different countries for different reasons. Our Indian community is everywhere, almost in all the developed countries and they obviously go back and forth to visit their families in India and in such a situation, they really need to prepare themselves to take medications which prevent from getting malaria during their visit to India.

There are only 3 medications, all over the world which we use for malaria prevention. These are as below:

1. Atovaquone-Proguanil

2. Mefloquine

3. Doxycycline

I have given the recommendations about how to take them, and what are pros and cons of each medications. These medicines are for prevention of malaria and not for the treatment of malaria. These medicines are still the prescription medications but at least you can decide which medication is the best for you if you are travelling from a country with no malaria to any country which has prevalence of malaria.

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