WHO Recommendations Before we re-open Businesses & Work Book-5 (Gujarati)


This Add15Years’ fifth book on COVID-19 Coronavirus demonstrates:

  • The top 5 recommendations by WHO for reopening businesses and work.
  • The Mantra of widespread Rapid Testing, Contact Tracing, and Isolating.
  • The preparation needed for sudden 2 weeks’ isolation.
  • The requirements of building up hospitals’ capacity and PPE supply chain.
  • The most effective steps that will always work in this pandemic situation.
  • The risks of the second wave of pandemic in coming winter in Northern Hemisphere
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  1. Nitesh

    Great observation

  2. Ati

    one of the great book

  3. Abhu

    nice work

  4. Sai

    Really amazing and really interesting stuff to read

  5. Sid

    One of the great and important book at this time thanks for brings this book

  6. Nav

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  7. Nik

    Great book. Couldn’t be write much better!
    Keep it up!

  8. Ravi sharma

    Great observation and thanks for bring this book in simple languages .

  9. Raj sharma

    I really like your book !!

  10. Ahna

    Couldn’t be write much better! i am really enjoy reading this book

  11. Aasa

    nice information for us in this situation !!!
    i like your obey-city for human beings

  12. Yusuf (verified owner)

    WHO recommendations should be taken as guidelines in current times. We can’t afford to ignore.

  13. Rishabh (verified owner)

    Informative book. Highly recommended

  14. Shikhar (verified owner)

    A book worth buying. I recommend it to you all.

  15. Jignesh (verified owner)

    An important book to be read in current times.

  16. Uman (verified owner)

    This book is highly informative. An interesting read

  17. Aman (verified owner)

    Book has helped me to get a better understanding of work-place guidelines.

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