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WHO Recommendations Before we re-open Businesses & Work (Audio Book Telugu)


This Add15Years’ fifth book on COVID-19 Coronavirus demonstrates:

  • The top 5 recommendations by WHO for reopening businesses and work.
  • The Mantra of widespread Rapid Testing, Contact Tracing, and Isolating.
  • The preparation needed for sudden 2 weeks’ isolation.
  • The requirements of building up hospitals’ capacity and PPE supply chain.
  • The most effective steps that will always work in this pandemic situation.
  • The risks of the second wave of pandemic in coming winter in Northern Hemisphere
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  1. Lalit

    Situation and i need this book

  2. Tarun

    Great book

  3. Ati

    Such Awesome book

  4. Vimal

    Great book. Interesting!

  5. Akshat

    The book is well composed. I will recommend to all

  6. Kirti

    Good book. Audio quality is good too.

  7. Jignesh

    I have shared it with my colleagues and boss. They are liking it!

  8. Manisha

    It’s need of hour. Pandemic can only be defeated by prevention and information.

  9. Yusuf

    This book is very insightful!

  10. Omkar

    Telugu version was very helpful to my dad. He is taking it seriously now.

  11. Indrani

    Thanks for such a wonderful book! I recommend it to everyone!

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