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What every young girl needs to know about a “Young Girl”(Video English Book)


• There are young girls all over India who do not understand what is happening to them as they enter “puberty”.
• It is a major taboo topic in India.
• Let us give our daughters insight to plan for their future.
• We should educate and give every opportunity to our young daughters.
• If we don’t educate them, the internet will.
• Best person to educate them is the lady doctor in town or the mom.

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  1. Parul kapoor

    This is seriously a fantastic book , if you are a girl then it is a must read book , you should probably go for it .

  2. Parul Singh

    Such a superb book to gain common knowledge.

  3. Aahna

    Nice book

  4. Suhana

    This book is full of knowledge.

  5. sukirti

    its really get to know if you have a young daughter ,nice book

  6. diana

    fantastic book

  7. saumya

    helps a lot to know the problem which young girls are facing, great book

  8. Anjali

    Thanks for sharing this kinds of books

  9. Minkashi

    I found your books are so much informative and interesting

  10. Soniya

    This kind of books are really helpful and informative !!!

  11. Jannat

    Your book are valuable for us !!

  12. Shupriya Roy

    Carry on sharing awesome and healthy books for us…

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