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What every young girl needs to know about a “Young Girl”(Bengali)


• There are young girls all over India who do not understand what is happening to them as they enter “puberty”.
• It is a major taboo topic in India.
• Let us give our daughters insight to plan for their future.
• We should educate and give every opportunity to our young daughters.
• If we don’t educate them, the internet will.
• Best person to educate them is the lady doctor in town or the mom.

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Dr S. Om Goel (MD/DM)


Monthly Cycle

Ovaries & eggs

Genetic Information

Egg Fertilization

Human Embryo

Womb formation


Author Information

(Prof) Dr. S. Om Goel, the founder of Add 15 Years is from a well-known family of doctors from AIIMS and MAMC, Delhi. He completed his-

• MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi
• MD Internal Medicine (called general medicine in India) Affiliate University of Missouri Columbia, USA
• DM Fellowship (Kidney & Blood-Pressure) University of Arizona, College of Medicine, USA
He has been practicing medicine in USA for more than 30 years as a specialist in Kidney, Blood-Pressure & Diabetes.
Dr. Goel started being recognized among the top 10 doctors in the field of Internal Medicine/General Medicine (Diabetes and Blood-Pressure) in NCR. Based on his qualifications, knowledge, expertise, experience and 100% successfully managing the dengue epidemic among his member patients in NCR, India in October 2012, he achieved this recognition.
He has published more than 10 proactive healthcare books that are available in 18 Indian languages and 6 International languages.

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  1. Soma sarkar

    Very nice book really i love this book !!!!

  2. shrutz haasan

    Good book for our young generation.

  3. Namratha

    Providing good information about girls.

  4. Riya Verma

    No doubt this awesome book in a very simple language very easy to understand

  5. Pinki

    Really this book give me lots of precious information !!!

  6. Sakashi Das

    Nice book thanks for sharing……

  7. Jashmin Parveen

    very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good book.

  8. Payal

    Thanks for the information.

  9. Komal Yadav

    Very helpful information regarding young girl health
    Every young girl should know about the facts

  10. Shivani

    very precious information i got from you book thanks for the book

  11. Lakshay

    I learn new information from your book!!!

  12. Priya Yadav

    You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  13. Jothi Yadav

    This types of books are really helping and guiding regarding their health issue,
    Overall this books are really amazing

  14. Pinki

    Awesome book !!!

  15. Pari Barik

    I big thanks to the Author who bring this book in a simple languages.

  16. Arthi Sharma

    Great stuff and full of informative book !!

  17. Arthi Sharma

    Awesome book enjoy reading this book !!!

  18. Jhubari

    Really awesome book i found your book awesome !!!

  19. Jannat

    You are doing great work i like your attitude

  20. Madhavi

    I found your book awesome and so lovely !!!

  21. Madhu

    Enjoying reading your book !!!

  22. Tina

    This is an really awesome and nice book !!!

  23. Shupriya Roy

    আমি আপনার তথ্যপূর্ণ বই পছন্দ করি

  24. Suma Roy

    আমি আমার বন্ধ বন্ধুর কাছ থেকে এই বইটি সুপারিশ করেছি এবং জানি যে আমি এটি পড়তে আনন্দ করছি

  25. Priti Das

    আমি এই বইটি পড়ে সত্যিই দুর্দান্ত পড়েছি

  26. Shuboshri Roy

    এই ধরণের বইগুলি সত্যই আমাদের জন্য প্রয়োজন

  27. Misti Das

    আপনার বই আমাদের জন্য মূল্যবান

  28. Minkashi

    This kinds of books are really helpful

  29. Soniya

    Your books are valuable for us !!!

  30. simi

    I’m searching this kinds of book from long time know i found this book !!!

  31. Saraswathi

    Thanks for providing this kind of books !!!

  32. Shupriya Roy

    The stuff of your books are so lovely and informative !!

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