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What every young girl needs to know about a “Young Girl”(Audio English Book)


• There are young girls all over India who do not understand what is happening to them as they enter “puberty”.
• It is a major taboo topic in India.
• Let us give our daughters insight to plan for their future.
• We should educate and give every opportunity to our young daughters.
• If we don’t educate them, the internet will.
• Best person to educate them is the lady doctor in town or the mom.

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  1. Jiya

    This book surprised me with the great information it has.

  2. Pinki

    Really really very informative information in this books i have recommend to very one to purchase this kind of book specially to our young generation

  3. Mehek kubba

    What a necessary book for every young girl.

  4. Varsha

    Really providing good information.

  5. Shivani

    I like a lot of what you said, I learned some things and glad to already be doing some of the right things.

  6. Saniya Mehta

    The voice is good and the arrangement of book is vyeey good.

  7. Soma sarkar

    thanks for sharing… this Audio

  8. Renu

    I really like your audio book

  9. vimal

    Informative book!

  10. aviral

    Book is well composed.

  11. Akshat

    Good book

  12. akshat

    well said ,n nice voice to understand

  13. akansha

    this is what we never thought of it ,it helps us to now about young daughter

  14. rashi

    good audio ,thanks for the information

  15. Tamana

    Great stuff i like your book !!!

  16. Amandeep Singh

    This is very informative and interesting Book !!!

  17. Parri Afsana

    I learn new information from your book,
    You are doing a great job . Keep it up

  18. Komal Yadav

    Very nice Sir .Its very helpful to me Thanks A lot .

  19. Urmella

    Nice book, keep it up, keep share such book

  20. Geetanjali Sharma

    Really book teach me lot’s things i really fell glad that i have found this in cheap praise

  21. Monika

    Informative book !!!

  22. Ati

    I learn new information from your Book, you are doing a great job . Keep it up

  23. Jashmin Parveen

    Nice article thanks for sharing……

  24. Aswani

    Great stuff Awesome book really helpful content !!!

  25. Shipa

    This book really helping me a lot’s !!!
    And every young girl should read this book….

  26. Nashrin

    I am enjoying reading your book you are doing great job !!!

  27. Janvi

    Your are books are always help me out to fight with difficult situation !!!

  28. Soma sarkar

    This is an awesome book really helpful book !!!

  29. Monika

    You are doing really great work !!!

  30. Jashmin Parveen

    Very interesting stuff !!

  31. Nami

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  32. shikha

    when i purchased this book for my daughter it helped me and my daughter alot.Thanks to author

  33. Anu

    The content of the book is awesome and so unique thanks for sharing with us

  34. Deepti Yadav

    Pls carry on doing the great work !!!

  35. namrata yadav

    helped this book ,thank you so much

  36. Tina

    The content of the book is awesome !!!

  37. Rachna Tanwar

    Thanks for bring this book, in a simple languages!!!!

  38. Pooja yadav

    Thanks for sharing this book with us this types of books are really needed !!!

  39. Shuvida

    I found your book interesting one of my close friend recommend this book !!!

  40. Manisha

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  41. Rashmi khan

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  42. Alka kadam

    Great audio book. Couldn’t be write much better!
    Keep it up!

  43. Khushboo

    Usually I never comment on books but your audio book is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it.
    You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  44. Jannat

    Really very happy to say,your book is very interesting

  45. Jhubari

    Pls carry on doing the great work

  46. Rekha Rawath

    This is informative book really this is an amazing book !!!

  47. Lili khan

    Thanks sharing the great book !!!

  48. Madhu

    Pls carry on the amazing and great work this kind of books are required for young generation !!!

  49. Madhavi

    This book is amazing and great stuff

  50. Mona

    Thanks for sharing the nice and informative book !!!

  51. Ayush Dixit

    This is an amazing book.

  52. naina

    Loved the way the book was presented.

  53. naina

    This book has provided so much information. Thank you

  54. naina

    A great book

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