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Throw sugar medicines away if blood sugar is 100 !!!(Audio Hindi Book)


यह किताब निम्नलिखित प्रश्नों के उत्तर प्रदान करती है:
सामान्य ब्लड शुगर क्या है?
हमें डायलिसिस की आवश्यकता कब होती है?
क्या भारत में किडनी प्रत्यारोपण संभव है?
आप अपने ब्लड शुगर को कैसे रोक सकते हैं?

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  1. Pragya

    Great audio book. I wanted to know about Blood Sugar. This audio book helps me to find out every important points.

  2. Manasvi

    This is another life changing Add 15 book! I have been listening to Add 15 series for past a week. I have recommended many of these books to family and friends.

  3. Manvika

    This was recommended by my buddy. I am glad for buying it.

  4. Minakshi

    I am amazed! It has everything I was looking for! Audio quality is good too

  5. Madhur

    I must say! Writer is expert on the topic. Audio is also good! Thanks!

  6. Arman

    Carry on sharing helpful and informative books for us

  7. Anand Kumar

    I found your book are really helpful and nice

  8. Anjali

    Your books are really value for money

  9. Vikas

    The purpose of your books are unique and informative

  10. Rubel Khan

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  11. neetu

    The motive of this book is informative

  12. shikha

    keep sharing this valuable information to us

  13. sneh


  14. noor

    Very easily defined it

  15. subhash

    intelligent with smartly described

  16. dipti

    thanks for making this book in hindi

  17. narayan

    One of the life changing book

  18. sarita

    I have purchased most of the book in this site, but this one is best

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