Staying healthy in 2020, Medical Definition of Good Health-Kannada


Staying healthy is not about physical health only. It includes spiritual, mental, social, family, and financial. This book deals with health-related issue and if you read you will see new ways to make life easy and comfortable. Life was different 30 to 40 years back but now world has changed truly, and younger generation is running behind for new tech and dating, working in new countries and cities have become so common these days.

  • One should sleep well, eat well, exercise daily.
  • Today in 2020 life has become so complex that understanding any gadget or new technology is not so easy.
  • We know that there is crisis in life and people should learn about dealing with them because losing life for an issue is not a solution.
  • Today people look at medicines if they are going through a simple headache but trust me taking medicine for such small issues is not right, one may pay for counselling instead of medicines.
  • Seeking counselling is important for our health.
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