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Smoking Triggers- Kannada


  • In this book, the author discusses the triggers that can cause a person to smoke.
  • The book explains the types of triggers that a person faces on a daily basis.
  • These triggers include emotional triggers, everyday triggers, social triggers etc.
  • Emotional triggers include happiness, stress, anxiety, loneliness, boredom etc.
  • Everyday triggers include drinking coffee, talking on the phone, working or studying etc.
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  1. Aktar

    Thanks for sharing this kind of books

  2. Momin

    Your book are helpful for us !!

  3. Soniya

    Enjoy reading your books informative book

  4. Sarukh

    This is an perfect e-book !!!

  5. Minkashi

    This kind of books are really helpful for the young generation!!!

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