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Manage 10 factors easily & Add 15 Years to life (Audio Book English)


In 2020, there is only one reason for the sudden death, and that is “Heart Attack“. That too can be postponed by 15-30 years with 3 basic tests.
Similarly, there are other factors also which decrease our lifespan. For example:
  • If we smoke then we will get lung cancer in 20 years.
  • If we drink excessively, liver will fail in 20 years.
  • If Hba1c = 10/11 or blood sugar is approx. 300 (with no symptoms), then kidney will fail in 15 years.
  • If we exercise everyday, we can delay memory loss.
  • If we do knees exercise, they will be good till 70-75 years.
  • If we have high cholesterol with no symptoms, it will dramatically increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Increased BP (with no symptoms) will lead to sudden stroke where half of the body gets paralyzed (right side of the body gets paralyzed and patient loses speech also).
In our day to day life we have simple steps to deal with these conditions as we have simple yearly tests available. We must have awareness about all these tests.

If we get these regular tests done at recommended interval and maintain our numbers within the normal range, then we can add 15-30 years healthy to our life, and extend lifespan up to 85 years.

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