How much sleep do we really need to stay Healthy!!! (Telugu)


Everyone should be well aware about the importance of the good sleep for our physical health, mental
health, and for our long life. This book on sleep projects upon the following points:

  • The amount of sleep we really need
  • Stages of NREM & REM sleep cycles
  • Things happen to us during sleep
  • Harmful effects caused by lack of sleep
  • Insomnia symptoms and ways to deal with it
  • Recommendations to get good night sleep
  • Effects of factors like aging, travelling, jetlag etc. on sleep
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  1. Priyanka sharma

    This book is very helpful for my sleep time table.

  2. Dinesh (verified owner)

    Sleep is as important as exercise. This book is very insightful!

  3. Mridul (verified owner)

    Very informative book.

  4. Jignesh (verified owner)

    Nice book. Highly recommended!

  5. Saahas

    Impressive!Thanks for the book !!

  6. Adarsh

    This book help a lot’s and sleep is most important in our life !!

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