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Happiness is a Medical Concept- English Audio Book


The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context
of life satisfaction and subjective well-being.
Happiness is a state of mind and we can be happy irrespective of being
poor, rich, middle class, or rich class.
If our health is good and we are not suffering from any type of chronic disease, then we can say that we only need doctors and hospitals in the last year of our life.

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  1. Aktar

    I found lot’s of informative and healthy book in your websites

  2. Momin

    Thanks for sharing the healthy audio books with us !!!

  3. Soniya

    I will share yours audio books with my classmate and friends

  4. Sarukh

    Your books are work for us !!

  5. Minkashi

    The facts of your books are awesome awesome and unique !!!

  6. Anupama

    The pricing of your books are affordable for me and found helpful content

  7. Tara khan

    This kinds of books are really helpful for the young generation people.

  8. Priyanka Sharma

    A special thanks to the author for providing healthy book !!!

  9. Priya Yadav

    Some of my friend suggest me this book and i really like the book content !!!

  10. Karishma

    Found your book interesting to listen. As your book points are unique and interesting

  11. nupur

    This book is great I will check out your other books also

  12. shikha

    Impressive!Thanks for the healthy book

  13. sneh

    As this kinds of books are really helpful for the young generation

  14. Preeti

    Enjoyed reading the book above, really explains everything in detail,

  15. naveen

    The language used is simple and easily understandable.The worksheets given at the end of each chapter helps in our self assessment.

  16. Akansha

    The authors use their experiences as fitness trainers to explain the concepts. This is a very interactive

  17. neha

    This book is brilliant. At first I was a bit thrown off by the informal writing style, but it is so effective in serving the book’s purpose that it’s actually kind of genius;

  18. Ruhi

    A fine little book.

  19. sushmita

    This book is for people who want to try and add art enjoyment to their life

  20. Nikhil

    A nice, simple book. Exceeded my expectations

  21. Nitika

    Loved the message of this book and Bridget’s voice and easy reading style

  22. Diana

    I am glad I ordered this book. It’s absolutely amazing… You can read it again & again. And believe me… I am not fond of reading books but this book made me & habit to read book, as after reading every chapter I am eager to read next one.

  23. Shivani

    One of the best books I ever read and one of the must-have book in today’s chaotic life. A life changing book and a must read for everyone.

  24. Sarita

    n day to day activities we do simple simple mistakes and don’t recognize it. If you read this book then you will get to know those.

  25. Vandana


  26. Puru

    Excellent read.

  27. Vaishnavi

    It is a really simple , easily relatable book.

  28. jay

    This is one of the best…est books I have ever read. The language is extremely simple & easy to understand.

  29. divya

    Its a must book in ur shelf …soo enlightened.. snd its not that if u r depressed only then u must listen.

  30. ajay

    Just wonderful.

  31. devendra

    Very beautifully explained the concept of happiness n explained it very well…

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