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Hair A thing of beauty & a joy forever, An Insight by a Medical Doctor (M.D.)-Tamil Audio Book


There is no question beauty signifies a thing of beauty and joy forever for all of us.
Wants to know what makes us lose our hair?

  • This book explains the medical facts about our hair.
  • This book will explain what factors can really make us lose our hair.
  • Pay attention, we can really maintain our hair growth.
  • Most important factors are any major illness, thyroid hormone, and iron and excessive stress. They have dramatic effect on our hair growth.
  • Also, body hormones are especially important for our hair growth.
  • Pregnancy does have a dramatic effect on hair.

We have written a book of medical management of hair loss our in boys and men which is usually genetic. It is also written about the medical management of hair loss in women because of thinning of hair.
There is a separate book on hair transplant.

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    Thanks for sharing this book

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    You are doing great work !!!

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    should have this book exceptionally for all who assists with ensuring our hair,thanks

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    greatful to have this topic ever

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    a particularly significant theme in sound with effective utilization of it

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