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Gold Standard Blood Tests every year worth their “Weight in Gold” CBC-1(Part-1) (Audio Book Tamil)


Gold Standard Blood Tests are suggested to be done every year starting at the age of 18 years till rest of life. Know why?

•This book explains the composition of blood.
• It will give insight on importance of complete blood count (CBC)
• Know the role of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in our body.
• Why White blood cells called the defensive army of our body?
• What is the role of Hemoglobin or Hematocrit in diseases like Anemia and Leukemia.
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  1. Ati

    Awesome book

  2. Adit

    Very helpful and interesting book

  3. vimal

    Good book. informative

  4. Akshat

    nice book

  5. Kirti

    Well composed

  6. Bhavika

    Audio quality of book is good!

  7. Kirti

    This book speaks facts!

  8. Bhagyashree

    A wonderful book.

  9. Bhagyashree

    This book speaks volume.

  10. Madhavan

    I will recommend it to all.

  11. Madhavan

    It’s a great book, I will recommend it to all.

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