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Essential Dietary Fatty Acids not made by our body (fish oil, flaxseeds etc.)- Kannada


  • The book gives an insight into the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids such as fish oil, flax seeds etc.
  • The author emphasizes on the fact that eating food is the only way to get essential fatty acids in our body.
  • The book provides information about three major dietary omega-3 essential fatty acids – EPA, DHA and ALA.
  • Detailed facts have been provided about consumption of fish oil and its supplements and flax seeds/oil.
  • The author also talks about the effect of consuming fish oil (lowering the risk of heart attack, lowering blood pressure, decreasing triglycerides etc.). However the author emphasizes on the need for more research on these facts.
  • The author also explains why vegetarians must do away with the taboo of consumption of fish oil supplements.
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