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Diabetes- High Blood Sugar Book-1- English


  • Today in 2021, Diabetes or high blood sugar, has become a common issue in every family.
  • Even without making a lot of efforts, we can manage diabetes, if we accept that it can be treated quickly with medication, diet and exercise.
  • There is a phase before we actually are diabetic (called as prediabetes). Starting medications along with diet management and increased level of activity in this phase, can really delay any complications for 30 to 40 years.
  • Every drug company is making medicines for diabetes and now there are 13 groups of excellent medications available. This book briefly discusses all the groups of diabetic medicines. Together they can really keep us stay very healthy and away from complications.
  • Face the reality and take necessary action today! Last but not the least, we really must connect with our doctor and a dietician and seek counselling/medical advise.
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