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Diabetes- High Blood Sugar Book-2- English


  • Diabetes or high blood sugar today has become as common issue in every family life.
  • Without even realizing we can manage diabetes, if we accept it easily.
  • There is a phase between our normal blood sugar and prediabetes. So, during prediabetes if we start medications along with diet management and increase level of activity, we can really delay any complications for 30 to 40 years.
  • Whenever we think of diabetes, kidney failure and insulin are two factors.
  • Kidney failure is not the only thing. We can become blind or have heart attack.
  • We can lose sensations in our feet leading to amputation of our legs.
  • Everybody knows diabetes because it is so common, every drug company is making medicines and now there are 13 groups of excellent medications available and together they can really keep us very healthy.
  • Last but not the least, we really have to connect with our doctor and a dietitian and seek counseling.
    You will feel good, healthy & have no symptoms for long and will be very tempting not to take any medications but it is going to cost money too, especially in India.
  • If you want to ignore the reality, it is not going to go away.
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  1. Shammi singh

    A good book for a Diabetes person.

  2. Gitansh

    It’s an interesting book. Very insightful!

  3. Rocky

    Your book will rock in further carry on, don’t stop

  4. Anupama

    This book is great I will check out your other books also !!!

  5. Arpita

    You’re doing a great job. Keep it up
    As this kinds of books are really helpful for the young generation

  6. Sakti

    Really very happy to say, your post is very interesting to read.

  7. Jeet

    Found your book interesting to read. As your book points are unique and interesting.

  8. Minkashi

    The pricing of your books are affordable for me and found helpful content.

  9. Sarukh

    This kinds of books are really helpful for the young generation people.

  10. Soniya

    A special thanks to the author for providing healthy book !!!

  11. Momin

    Some of my friend suggest me this book and i really like the book content !!!

  12. Aktar

    Found your book interesting to read. As your book points are unique and interesting

  13. Toshif

    Excellent BOOK!
    Thank you very much for your hard work

  14. Tabraj

    Thanks a lot for share great Book. i like your work

  15. Sabbir

    Just carry on its just amazing and so convincing..keep it up.

  16. Sonu

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  17. Neeraj

    Your Book is so useful for us,thanks for sharing. Good stuff!

  18. Tabraj

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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