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Coronavirus Updates Till February 25, 2020 (Video English Book) Book-1


  • No question, Coronavirus has put our life on hold.
  • There are medical facts as well as stories around us.
  • As a MD from US and India, the two very important countries – my obligation is to present medical facts in very simple English.
  • All facts presented are up to date till 25 February 2020.
  • Each week we will write updated book.
  • There is 100%OFF coupon on our website – Please do get the facts right.
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  1. Shailendra Kumar

    All you need to know about this coronavirus . I will recommend this book to everyone .

  2. Misti Roy

    Great observation very helpful book

  3. Aryaman Rajput

    Great Observation !!! thanks for this video book

  4. Hitesh

    I am really happy to say it’s an interesting book !!!

  5. Gautam kumar

    Very Informative book !!!

  6. Lalit

    Your books help me a lots

  7. Nitesh

    No words to describe this only one thing you must watch this video book
    you will with me !!!

  8. Shashank mishr

    An informative book about the global pandemic. Well composed.

  9. kanika dutta

    This book is the need of hour.

  10. shekhar

    The book is very informative.

  11. aadesh

    wow ,great video

  12. rameshra

    we all should know about coronavirus , so watch this video

  13. karna kapoor

    Every-one should know corona-virus facts and what is this !!!

  14. Sumith pal

    Wow great book !!!

  15. ram

    great video abot coronavirus

  16. Momin

    Thank You for your information

  17. aayush

    very helpful information

  18. nikhil

    you will love it this with great infomation

  19. Jakhir khan

    Good information. Thanks for sharing

  20. Raj khan

    Thanks for sharing useful information

  21. navya

    helps me alot ,thaks author

  22. amit araya

    really good book

  23. akuriti

    wow ,good

  24. Santosh kumar

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good book

  25. Lakshay

    Interesting stuff to watch !!!

  26. Pinki

    Great book. Couldn’t be write much better!

  27. Riya Verma

    Such a great informative book !!

  28. Gautam kumar

    Very interesting book ! lovely stuff

  29. Shivani

    Great Observation ! and well compressed book

  30. Jakhir khan

    Great work by the Author

  31. Bunty yadav

    Well compress video book !

  32. Komal Yadav

    I learn new information from your video book,
    you are doing a great job.
    Keep it up

  33. Pankaj Lakhra

    Great book the great author thx for providing video book !!!

  34. Ravi sharma

    Interesting and new facts about covid-19

  35. Farukh Sekh

    I really appreciated to you on this quality work…!!!

  36. Raj sharma

    Great Observation by the Author and providing a helpful book

  37. naveena

    great informtion ,alteast try and you wull loving it

  38. Tashim Sekh

    Thanks for update regarding covid19

  39. Aktar

    Great work by the author !!!

  40. Momin

    Your books are valuable for us !!

  41. Sarukh

    Much needed book i really needed this book !!!

  42. Soniya

    Your books are always work for us !!

  43. Minkashi

    We wants more this kinds of books i really found informative book !!!

  44. simi

    This book help me lots while covid-19 time thanks for sharing this kinds of books !!!

  45. Saraswathi

    Carry on doing interesting and helpful work for us !!!

  46. Shupriya Roy

    I will recommended this book my closed friends because i love this book

  47. Mohit

    Thanks for sharing an healthy and informative book for us !!!

  48. Ankita Lamba

    Thanks for sharing the simple and understanding book for us !!!

  49. Varsha jha

    Great observation very helpful book

  50. Kuldeep roy

    All you need to know about this coronavirus . I will recommend this book to everyone .

  51. heena sonkar

    Well compress video book !

  52. Nisha th

    Wow great book !!!

  53. Satram

    Good information. Thanks for sharing

  54. Tarun

    Very informative books.

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