Are you travelling to high risk places of malaria? (English Video Book)


Another book on Malaria, it addresses the points mentioned as beneath:
• What is Plasmodium Falciparum?
• Important medicines if you are travelling to a place having high risk of malaria
• How often you should take these medicines?
• How long should you take these medicines?
• When should you consult your doctor?

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  1. Neha Fatima

    India is still fighting with this malaria and we need to know how ?

  2. Shiv

    India is still full of mosquitoes, so plz read this .

  3. Sandy khan

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    This book has enlightened me how dangerous malaria was at the time which took so many lives.

  40. diya

    An interesting account of the history of how malaria has affected the world over the centuries.Nice book.

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