Why do we need to know about malaria? (Video English Book )


This book throws light on the following topics related to Malaria:
• Why do we need to know about Malaria?
• Malaria in India and in the world
• Situation of Malaria in 1970s and 1980s in India
• Malaria is a protozoan bug
• Why do we get high fever and shaking chills?

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  1. Santosh kumar

    In India it is very big issue thanks for providing us a great book about Malaria

  2. Saddam

    Great book !!!

  3. Sohel Rana

    i am very impressive the content of the book are mind blowing !!!

  4. Bunty yadav

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  5. Nil Yadav

    One of the great book very i read regarding Malaria

  6. Lakshay

    Very precious information !!!

  7. Lalit

    Thanks for this book we have to fight with malaria no doubt

  8. kanika dutta

    Malaria is a real issue. I recommend the book to every one.

  9. vimal dhar

    very informative

  10. Shashank mishr

    very well composed

  11. Sahir Mishara

    Overall this is very nice and well addressing all the points

  12. Ankhur roy

    Very nice book !!

  13. Burkhan

    Thanks for the information.

  14. Raj khan

    Very valuable information, I was looking for something like that and found it here.

  15. Jakhir khan

    Great Video book

  16. Gautam kumar

    thanx for this great video book this book help me a lot.

  17. Rockraj

    Such a great video book !!!

  18. Jashmin Parveen

    Very informative book i got lot information now it your turn

  19. Sahir Mishara

    Very nice work by the author i like your book

  20. Jatin

    Great very well explain video book i am enjoying watching your book

  21. Jakhir khan

    Well compress video book thanks for this book !!!

  22. Payal

    Very helpful video book !!!

  23. Dev Dutth

    Full knowledgeable video book thanks for this book

  24. Jothi Yadav

    Enjoyed watching the video book above , really explains everything in detail, the book is very interesting and effective.

  25. Shivani

    Every one want to live happy but some time it not possible due some diseases,
    so every one should take safety measures this video book help you lots !!!

  26. Ravi sharma

    Amazing stuff and awesome video book

  27. Farukh Sekh

    Very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good book.

  28. Raj sharma

    You are doing very good job for us,
    thanks for the book !!!!

  29. Tashim Sekh

    Great work by the author thanks for bring the lovely book

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