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Well-Being of our Indian community in USA (Video English Book )


After the last presidency election in USA, the situation for all immigrants is not so favorable. This book addresses the following topics:
• Donald Trump as the new president.
• Why immigrant communities are scared?
• Why Indian parents in USA are not letting their children to join politics?
• The correct way of dressing up for all the immigrants
• Risks of partying late evening at the American places
• Crime instances at public places and parking lots in USA
• What should you do when somebody shows you a pistol?
• Practice the fire-drills
• Law & Order and emergency number in USA

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  1. Navneet tyagi

    Indian community should read this , this book is everything you need to know .

  2. Tripti damar

    We need to read this book more and you have to understand it thoroughly.

  3. Isha

    Wonderful book with great knowledge.

  4. Shivani pal

    These types of books are gems .

  5. Santosh kumar

    Awesome book !!!

  6. kavi

    Helpful book !!!

  7. Bunty yadav

    Thanks for the information.

  8. Anil Rao

    Really a Great book very interesting video book

  9. Nil Yadav

    Such an informative book !!!

  10. Lalit

    Great video book should Every one purchase this kind of book and get some knowledge

  11. vimal dhar

    nice book. I recommend it to everyone

  12. divya

    Very informative

  13. shekhar

    well composed

  14. Jakhir khan

    I have learn many things from this book

  15. Jakhir khan

    Very helpful and informative book !!!

  16. Ashma Parveen

    Very fine book !!!

  17. Jatin

    very nice… i really like your book….

  18. Arman

    I really appreciated to you on this quality work and very interesting book

  19. Abinav

    Thank you for such a wonderful book and sharing with us

  20. Pinki

    Their is lots of points we should i take such a positive note thanks for this book

  21. Sahir Mishara

    One of the finest book ever i watch !!!

  22. Lakshay

    such a great book by the author

  23. Jashmin Parveen

    Such a great book and very interesting stuff

  24. Pinki

    I live your book your stuff are to good

  25. Komal Yadav

    I learned new information from your video book,
    you are doing a great job. Continue

  26. Shivani

    One of the great video book i got very precious ideas !!

  27. Ravi sharma

    Thanks for bring this book really i like your book

  28. Farukh Sekh

    Nice post!!
    These tips may help me for future.

  29. Raj sharma

    Very interesting video book i found lots of information

  30. Tashim Sekh

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  31. Aktar

    Your books are helpful for us

  32. Momin

    Thanks sharing so much interesting book

  33. Sarukh

    we wants for this kinds of book

  34. Soniya

    I love to watch an healthy and informative book !!!

  35. Soniya

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  39. Shuboshri Roy

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  41. Mohit

    Your books are really helpful for us thanks for sharing

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