Throw sugar medicines away if blood sugar is 100 !!!(Hindi)


यह किताब निम्नलिखित प्रश्नों के उत्तर प्रदान करती है:

  • सामान्य ब्लड शुगर क्या है?
  • हमें डायलिसिस की आवश्यकता कब होती है?
  • क्या भारत में किडनी प्रत्यारोपण संभव है?
  • आप अपने ब्लड शुगर को कैसे रोक सकते हैं?
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Dr S. Om Goel (MD/DM)


Diabetes and other problems


Kidney Transplant with diabetes

Normal Blood Sugar level


Author Information

(Prof) Dr. S. Om Goel, the founder of Add 15 Years is from a well-known family of doctors from AIIMS and MAMC, Delhi. He completed his-

• MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi
• MD Internal Medicine (called general medicine in India) Affiliate University of Missouri Columbia, USA
• DM Fellowship (Kidney & Blood-Pressure) University of Arizona, College of Medicine, USA
He has been practicing medicine in USA for more than 30 years as a specialist in Kidney, Blood-Pressure & Diabetes.
Dr. Goel started being recognized among the top 10 doctors in the field of Internal Medicine/General Medicine (Diabetes and Blood-Pressure) in NCR. Based on his qualifications, knowledge, expertise, experience and 100% successfully managing the dengue epidemic among his member patients in NCR, India in October 2012, he achieved this recognition.
He has published more than 10 proactive healthcare books that are available in 18 Indian languages and 6 International languages.


  1. Ashwariya Gupta

    Add15years books are very helpful. It is related to proactive health care and very easy to understand. I have purchased book from Amazon and had a good experience.

  2. Sanjeev Rajppot

    This is a GREAT book that has been published at exactly the right time. There is so much conversation about improving the patient
    Another super resource for families to use as they begin conversations about end-of-life decisions. This is a wonderful complement to the team of Add15years Thank you for providing the knowledge.

  3. Harish Kumar Kushwaha

    I read that book all the books are very nice and easy language.

  4. Sunil Goel

    The books are very educative and in simple language. Will recommend.

  5. Divakar Saxena

    Nice😊 work Add15 Years…keep it up 👍 very useful informative health-related books also books written in very easy and simple language….👍😊

  6. Sunil singh

    this book tells us about test of diabetes

  7. Bikram

    Diabetes is a big issue in India

  8. Bhagwan Das

    I was searching a good book on diabetes and after reading this incredible book my search has been completed.

  9. saurabhchaturvedi28 (verified owner)

    a big topic so must know about diabetes at an early age for a better future and this book helps you

  10. Vimal (verified owner)

    Interesting book a must-read.

  11. Akanksh (verified owner)

    Diabetes is no joke. This book provides updated information.

  12. Kirti (verified owner)

    Diabetes is no joke. This book provides updated information.

  13. Kamal (verified owner)

    Book provides thorough information on the subject

  14. Lalit (verified owner)

    Very good book.

  15. Megha (verified owner)

    Informative book

  16. Nishant (verified owner)

    Very well written. I will recommend to all.

  17. Nidhi (verified owner)

    Kindly read this book. This is very interesting book.

  18. divya (verified owner)

    I will share this book to my friends. Please read.

  19. Siddhi (verified owner)

    Book discusses a very important topic like diabetes. A must read

  20. Rishi (verified owner)

    Loved his book. India being world capital of diabetes, this book is must.

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