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3 Main heart tests to add 30 More Years to life (Audio Book English)


Just 3 simple Heart Tests can tell us that whatever happens, we cannot have heart attack in next 5 years OR  based on these tests results, we can drop dead any second (with absolutely no symptoms).

  • Cost of Test #1 = Rs. 200
  • Cost of Test #2 = Rs. 800
  • Cost of Test #3 = Rs. 12000

We Indian men especially at age 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ are at the highest risk. At this point in life, we are at our best with a young family.

I look around at age 50 and see that we are making good money. Our son or daughter are in high school (in 2020).

Is it worth dying suddenly after achieving so much?

There is only one reason for sudden death, and that is the “Heart Attack”.

But, now it’s so easy to anticipate and postpone heart attack by 20-30 years just by doing these 3 simple tests.

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